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Dog Urine Remover and Odor Eliminator with Enzyme Action for Pet or People Accidents. Dog Urine Remover effectively removes new or old urine stains and odors from washable surfaces and fabrics. Fast-acting Enzyme Action attacks urine and other organic matter(such as feces, blood, saliva and more) and essentially eats up their stains and odors. Helps prevent dogs and cats from re-marking their territory. Dog Urine Remover is safe in pet areas and around the house. Simply darken room and use the stain detective black light to show the urine messes.

The Ultimate Dog Urine Remover 

Accidents happen�

For pet or people accidents there's Dog Urine Remover - the quick and easy way to eliminate stains and odors!

Dog Urine Remover effectively removes new or old urine stains and odors. With its fast-acting Enzyme Action, it attacks urine and other organic matter (such as feces, blood, saliva and more) and essentially eats up their stains and odors. 

Dog Urine Remover also helps prevent dogs and cats from re-marking their territory. And it's safe to use in pet areas and anywhere around your house.

To help you locate urine stains and other messes, Dog Urine Remover comes with the "Stain Detective" black light. Simply darken the room and watch the stains glow, so you don't miss any. Then use Dog Urine Remover to soak the entire stain. 

Dog Urine Remover works great on all washable surfaces and fabrics, including carpets, mattresses, furniture, bathrooms, walls, floors and more.

Don't leave your house smelling like a litter box�Get Dog Urine Remover!

Directions for use on WET or DRY stains:

1. Remove any excess wetness or solids from the stained area. Soak up or blot up excess matter with paper towel.

2. Completely saturate stained area with Dog Urine Remover. For carpet stains, ensure padding is also saturated. Dog Urine Remover must soak all the effected area to eliminate the stain and smell. Do not blot up Dog Urine Remover. It must remain wet in order to work. Do not shampoo carpet stains before using Urine Gone as it will interfere with the Enzyme

3. If a colored stain is noticeable on carpets, fabric or upholstery, rub Urine Gone into the stained area while spraying. This assists the visible mark of the stain.

4. Let completely air dry.

5. Blot with a damp towel to remove any surface residue after stained area is totally dry.

6. If stain is still noticeable, repeat until all evidence of stain is gone. 

Makes a Great Dog Urine Remover for any Home


If you order by the end of this month, we will send you a FREE urine detector!

Having trouble finding that urine stain? Can you smell it yet cant locate it?  Problem solved with our Magic Urine Detector Light!

Simply turn off your lights and wave the Magic Urine Detector Light along your walls and carpet. Any urine stains in your house will appear like magic!  Then use our Quick 10 Urine Remover to instantly clean the stain. 

Magic Urine Detector Light Features:
BRIGHT! Flouresce at distances over 20 feet in darkness 
Unbreakable Super Bright LED bulb 
Dual function on-off switch for continuous use 
"Hands-Free" on switch allows you to dangle the UV light source intightareas 

Other things the Magic Urine Detector Light is perfect for:
Checking ultra violet inks in currency and ID's 
Check credit cards- Discover Cards have "NOVUS", MasterCard have "MC",and Visa has an eagle in UV ink. 
Activation of fluorescent inks/dyes used as anti-counterfeitingmeasures 
Checking hand stamps at clubs 
Examining artwork and glasswork for hidden repairs 
Small UV source will fit inside and behind objects 
Find urine stains (i.e. at the hotel before you hop in bed!) 
Scan a crime scene for foreign materials 
Locating damaged/cracked glassware 
Fluorescing diamonds- some will glow in the dark.

Quick 10 Urine Remover Kit
Includes 33oz. bottle with 2 packets + Magic Urine Detector Light


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